Microsoft Plans to Incorporate Kinect to TV Sets

Microsoft Plans to Incorporate Kinect to TV Sets
Written by Jessica Richardson

There are talks that Microsoft is planning to place Kinect into the next-generation TV sets. Microsoft is said to be negotiating about licensing its Kinect technology to TV makers
such as Sony and Vizio. A TV with Kinect would let the user control it through gestures. It is possible that the system can recognize the individual and automatically resume
programming where it was paused.

This move fits with Microsoft’s plans of bringing its motion sensor technology to other areas aside from gaming. The company recently announced the launch of Kinect for
Windows commercial program, scheduled for early next year. It is aimed to give enterprises the tools to develop apps that would improve their operations as well as
revolutionize their industries.

Microsoft would release the SDK 2 for developers who are already toying around with the Kinect on PC. At present, there are around 200 companies that are taking part in its
pilot program. The companies said that Kinect for Windows help improve their processes, brands, businesses and products.

Placing Kinect on TV sets could pave the way for Microsoft into the TV market. With the recent move, Microsoft would compete against Google TV as well as Apple, if the
rumors of Apple TV are true.

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