Presenting the Google Android Honeycomb

Mike Vang 02/04/2011 0

 Android-Honeycomb Google held an event to present the new version of their mobile OS, the Android Honeycomb. This was developed for tablets. In the event, the Android team showed off some of the Honeycomb features, such as its improved 3D rendering engine and widgets.

In the event guests took turns playing with the Motorola Xoom running on Honeycomb. One of the changes you’ll immediate see is that the dedicated hardware buttons for the Menu options are gone. These are replaced by the Action Bar located at the top of the screen. The options change depending on the running application.

If you’re using the browser then you’ll find the open tabs in the Action Bar. If you’re using the movie editing app, buttons to import a new clip will appear. Most applications have a settings button at the far right-hand side of the Action Bar.

The Honeycomb browser would give the iPad browser a run for its money. You can sync your tablet browser with your desktop version of Google Chrome. Plus the Incognito Mode is available in this version.

Other features there are improved on the Honeycomb are Gmail, copy and paste, Android Market IU, and overall performance. There are new apps made specifically for the Honeycomb, such as the Movie Studio, which lets you edit movie clips with your Android tablet.

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