Jeff Bezos: Kindle Will Not Rival with iPad

Abbey Smith 05/28/2010 0

 Jeff-Bezos-Kindle-Will-Not-Rival-with-iPad In an undated interview, CEO – Jeff Bezos said that his company isn’t aiming to compete against the Apple iPad and his team is not trying to make Kindle more iPaddish. He also said that Kindle is targeted towards an audience that comprises of pure readers, whereas the IPad is focusing on a mixed audience.

On the contrary, Bezos also mentioned that 90% of the household individuals are not “serious” readers, which made us think twice about what the CEO was trying to explain? If we have to weigh the whole situation, then iPad is certainly gaining the edge here.

The Kindle, is no doubt a handheld device, which is used for reading books and online news – that’s how far it goes. The iPad is more sophisticated because it lets users take the sting out by grabbing a bucket of EBook applications (Kindle is one of them), and enjoying the benefits of a color screen LCD.

But Bezos does have a point here about the e-ink thing at least. The CEO said that Amazon is more than capable of converting the e-ink display of Kindle, to the color LCD screen, but it wont be effective under sunlight (just like the iPad).

After a close analysis, the users of Kindle might think of selling their touchpad oriented device because in the long run, Kindle is not going to be a reliable product. We are saying it in terms of the resale value, demand, market flux for Kindle — and Kindle is only incorporated with an already used application. Whereas, the iPad is more diverse, dynamic — and holds an opening to a room with countless possibilities…

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