iPod Touch is Apples New Smartphone?

John Sukowaty 09/19/2010 0

Apparently Apple cannot just let a product be just be a product for too long before some sort of change has to be made.  We get to see new iPods, iPhones and iPads every single year, so why not some new technology that would actually allow a user to make calls from their iPod Touch?

A new patent, reported by PatentlyApple, shows that Apple has applied for an accessory that could allow the iPod Touch to make phone calls.  Ultimately making the new iPod Touch a smartphone.  Tons of apps and the ability to make phone calls is pretty much all you need right?  Or is it a necessity that you have a tip calculator built in as well?

It would be hard to believe anyone that said the family of iPods are done evolving, but the way Apple is, you might see a new product with one additional feature every year until the end of time.  That way you can see more marketing, more products, more money and more reasons to wait that additional year until the “next big thing” comes out.

There was also a report that Apple applied for a patent that would allow a device like the iPhone to connect to two different mobile networks at the same time.  I cannot wait until this thing launches, but would it make people camp outside Apple stores to buy it?  We’ll have to wait and see.

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