HTC to Patent ‘Scribe’ for Possible iPad Rival Device

Mike Vang 01/02/2011 0

 HTC-company Taiwan based computer and smartphone manufacturer HTC is now finally getting ready to punch the iPad in the face. Wanna know how? Well, they just filed a patent application for a new tablet type computer. What’s it called? Yeah, that’s a common question, so here’s a simple answer. They’re calling it “Scribe”.

From the looks of it, I think that Scribe has a lot to do with its touch screen. You know, Scribble is to Scribe, so I just blended these two terms to guess a little on my own. But we all have a hunch that Scribbling is not the only thing that you’d do on this device’s screen. It’ll have a slew of snazzy features, which is why the company opted for a patent filing.

Oh, and by the way – as much as Scribe’s announcement is making your heart pound with excitement, the Taiwanese company is knee deep in an infringement battle with Apple. Apple sued HTC in the early phases of 2010, alleging that over 20 iPhone patents were unlawfully used by HTC.

The Scribe could appear at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show or February’s Mobile World Congress, according to KGI Research analyst Richard Ko earlier this month. The device would likely be powered by Android 3.0, a version of the Google operating system created for tablets.

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