HTC EVO Shift 4G Sprint Phone Expected Out Jan. 9

Erik Kneeland 12/14/2010 0

If you are anxious to buy Sprint’s new 4g HTC Shift phone, you’ve got just a few short weeks to go, as it is expected out on the market on Jan. 9.

What kind of unit is the EVO Shift 4G? It’s pretty much a smaller version of the HTC EVO 4G except that it has a slide out QWERTY horizontal keyboard. The phone is supposed to be a CDMA workable version of the HTC’s Desire Z unit.

Not much has been released on the specs of the new phone, but rumors say it has a a 3.7” touchscreen  with a screen resolution of  800×480,  support for a microSD card, b/g/n Wi-Fi bands, and that it will come complete with the Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ working system.  However, it isn’t expected to have a front facing camera for video calling and there isn’t any near field communication support )NFC) like the new Samsung Nexsus S has. This, however, is not a real bad problem, as no retailers in the U.S. have NFC capabilities as yet.

The  Jan. 9 dates is fairly certain, as accessories for the phone are also expected to be in stores at that time. It is presumed that the new phone will work on Sprint’s new 4G network, which relies on WiMax technology. However, of course, not if you don’t expect to use the phone or don’t live someplace that currently has access to the 4G service which is not yet available everywhere.

Besides that, companies Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are in disagreement as to what a 4G network really is, with each arguing as to whose is the fastest, the largest, or the best. The fact of the matter is, that’s not an easy question to pin down an answer to because there are several competing technologies all calling themselves 4G.

This is bad for customers because phone manufacturers must make several versions of each phone so it works on each network. That bumps up the price due to more work for the companies and makes users reluctant to adopt new phones as they come out.

All in all, there are still many customers awaiting the HTC EVO Shift 4G’s arrival and hope that the Jan. 9 date is correct.

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