Google Buys Bump Technologies – Acquisitions Piling Up

John Sukowaty 05/02/2010 11

According to a report at TechCrunch, rumors are flying around that Google may have bought Bump Technologies.  The company is known best for it’s free software, called BumpTop, which allows a user to change there otherwise boring 2D desktop, into a 3D, wall display.  The software also works with most multi-touch gesturing as well.

Who needs proof?  There is a deleted Twitter message by a Canadian investor and the fact that BumpTop’s website is now a single page reading, “An important BumpTop Announcement”.  I think that is a pretty good start to a rumor becoming reality.  I think that even though it is Sunday night, we will see more news on this in the next coming days.

At this time, the pay version of the software is not for sale and updates have been halted.  This could also be an indicator of the company being purchased.  In recent years, Apple and Google have been battling with which company can provide the best user experience and if this rumor is true, BumpTop will give Google’s user interface a “bump” in the right direction, so to speak.

There is now news on the price Google may have paid, but researchers put the cost of Bump Technologies at about 35 – 40 million dollars.  This is just another company on the long list of those picked up by Google in recent years.  Other big names include, PicNik, DocVerse, Admob and LabPixies.

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