Google Android Growth Has Most Momentum Over Industry

John Sukowaty 04/06/2010 2

As smartphones continue to take over the mobile phone market, the Google Android software has been making larger gains than any other in the industry, thus far.  According to ComScore, Android based phones are only at about 9% of the US market, the the software has posted the fastest growth of any other platform in the last three months.

Google and it’s partners have gains about 5 percentage points of market share since November 2009.  The successful launch of the Motorola Droid has much to do with the gain, some researchers are saying.  That really only gives Google fourth place in the overall US market.  Companies like Research in Motion and Apple are first and second with about 42% and 25% market share, respectively.

What company is the big loser in the last three months?  You guessed it, Microsoft has fallen about 4 percentage points to only 15% of the market.  According to ComScore, most American’s are still using regular mobile phones, as compared to 45 million smartphones.  With that being said, there is still evidence that the swing is in the favor of the smartphone with sales climbing up 21% just in the last three months.

Let’s keep an eye on the next three months and see where that puts all these smartphones.  I am sure that Google Android will close in at the top soon, but you really just never know what might happen!


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  2. Mita 04/07/2010 at 2:41 AM -

    Android is free, open-source. So we don’t have to go buy expensive hardware/software to run it. According to comScore findings , Android posted a 5.2 percent gain in markest share in the November 2009 – February 2010 time frame, considerably better than the likes of Apple.

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