Facebook’s New Groups – Small Things, Big Differences

Mike Vang 10/07/2010 0

 Facebook%E2%80%99s-New-Groups Facebook made another bold move, doesn’t it always? Recently, a couple of Facebook officials had a meeting with Zuckerberg; they all decided to introduce a new “Groups” feature. Slightly disappointing news is that the old Groups thing has to go – there won’t be any typical modes of forming groups.

What’s new is that Facebook will provide the liberty of adding anyone to any new or old group. In Zuckerberg’s opinion; “We wanted to create small social clusters, just like the way they’re created in real life.” That means that you’ll be a member of multiple groups, constituent of hometown buddies, school buddies, and family friends and so on.

As usual, group members are allowed to post messages, chit chat and send mass emails with the usual photo tagging stuff. In case you’re wondering about blocking anyone, well you can’t do it. Facebook said that you’ll be notified as soon as someone will make you part of a group. Other than that, its your responsibility to leave the group if you’re not feeling okay in there.

Group does have its negative aspects. Just like in real life situations, you invite a couple of friends over to your place and later on it turns out to be a free for all fest. Take it this way, one moment, your said Group at Facebook.Com is lovey dovey. Soon, a rogue member invites strangers and the entire group is messed up.

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