Don’t Buy an iPad Just Yet – Google Android Tablet is Coming Soon!

Thi Nguyen 04/14/2010 15

With all the recent buzz about Apples latest product, the Apple iPad – seems like everyone wants to get in the tablet market. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt gave a hint to the New York Times that Google too is creating their own Android Powered Tablet.  Currently there are numerous android powered tablets already in the market; but Google’s tablet will be a whole lot better. I was thinking of buying an iPad but now will have to hold off on buying a tablet for couple more months to see how this develops.

Android is a superb OS and its rapidly growing. There are tons of apps and new developers are joining and making the Android even more powerful and gives us the consumers, even more reasons to jump in the Android wagon.

In the next couple of following months there will be few really good new tablets introduced and I wonder if Google plans to release it by then. In couple of months HP will launch its HP Slate and Dell will introduce the Streak. I have a feeling Google will let everyone launch their products. Once everyone is finished that’s when Google will launch the Google Android Tablet and blow everyone’s minds.

I guess you can call me a fan boy of Google products but what can I say, Google is amazing and they understand technology and demand.  To finalize my point, I am going to wait and will not buy an apple iPad nor an HP Slate when that launches. I am totally going to wait and hear more what Google has to say before spending over $500 for a tablet that I’m going to use maybe 20 to 50 minutes a week.


  1. waysswayss 04/14/2010 at 4:26 PM -

    You only use tablet for 20-50 minutes a week? You are definitely not a potential user for tablet. In fact, you should not even buy any tablet – waste of $$$. Then why are you asking others not to buy iPad? Why buy Google’s tablet that still on the drawing board? I will not look at first generation devices including iPad. It is not the case of whether the device is from Apple or Google or others. I buy one if it suits me and I use it often – definitely not 20-50 minutes a week.

  2. ThiNguyen 04/14/2010 at 4:37 PM -

    I currently own a webstation which is no where near iPad but not a bad device if it was cheaper but only get to use it when I’m out smoking :) You are right, I’m not probably the best tablet owner since I prefer to use my good old laptop. I dont even like netbooks :) I guess I’m old fashioned. I’m a gadget freak and I buy gadgets all the time. Some I get to use daily in my life and other like the tablet, not as much. That may be different in two months if I worked but if I’m home, I’m not going to use my tablet. its just small and inconvenient..thanks for your comment.

    I think Google has already started development but thats a wild guess. I hope they will release more info down the line about a release date and pricing

  3. iTed 04/14/2010 at 4:44 PM -

    I’m in Canada and when the iPad was announced in late January I would have bought one right then and there sight unseen. Now that I’ve had time to read reviews, etc and the iPad’s Canadian release date has been pushed back to the end of May (from the end of April) I’m glad the rollout date is late May as it’s giving me time to look at other products. However, if Google let’s everyone launch their products before they launch their’s that would be a BIG mistake because those who really want a tablet are going to buy sooner than later; me included…..

  4. Zach 04/14/2010 at 5:06 PM -

    Google is amazing and understands technology and demand…That explains why the Android still only has a portion of the market, with it’s many many iterations as compared to a few models of the iPhone.

    It also explains why Buzz and Wave are flops.

    Google was great, but the money and power has gotten to their heads. My prediction? They are going to go through what Apple went through. They are forcing people into their world in the wrong way, and everyone is going to move away from them even though they are a powerhouse. They may not fail as bad as Apple did, but they are going to see a significant drop in their success – after which they’ll realize they have to be amazing before they can start locking people in. And they’ll make it back.

  5. mcorbett 04/14/2010 at 5:27 PM -

    the android tablet will be much better and likely much cheaper. definitely wait. I love google lately, I love what they are doing, everything they do seems to be smart and customer related lately. I mean, or at least they try, buzz and its privacy issues weren’t there fault, figured its what folks wanted. But I am excited to see what they can bring

  6. Gadget Geek 04/14/2010 at 6:22 PM -

    The fatal flaw with all tablets ( brand aside) is no keyboard. Then add the awkward ergonomics, size and weight. If anyone other than apple had come out first with this gadget the press and so called analysts would have called it less than useful. The press is in love with Apple and Steve Jobs and has failed to be objective. This is the first new Apple gadget I will not buy, nor do I see any utility for a tablet regardless of who brands it. Yes, I have tried the I Pad and am sticking with my notebook and Kindle.

  7. Open minded 04/14/2010 at 7:33 PM -

    For those of us that use our millions of iPod touch and iPhones to browse the web and check emails from the couch, the ipad will be a huge upgrade-especially for those of us that are getting tired of zooming and out on a small screen. Laptops are too heavy and too hot. But I agree that google better act quickly because I will buy one sooner than later.

  8. Vladimir Kelman 04/14/2010 at 9:14 PM -

    Besides Google tablet, and tablets from HP and Dell, there are several other interesting tablets coming. Let’s mention Innovative Converged Devices (ICD) Ultra and Vega at and Notion Ink Adam at From the Adam’s specs it’s clear this tablet is more powerful than iPad and promise a lot of features iPad isn’t supporting. One unique feature is it’s use of Pixel Qi screen From my brief experience with iPad I got a strong impression that this device cannot be used as a good e-Book reader due to its LCD screen. Pixel Qi screens are supposed to be at least as good for reading books as standard E-Ink screens of Kindle or Nook. Read more at

    By the way, there is one more Android tablet which is already available – enTourage eDGe

    You mentioned that you own a “WebStation”. Ar eyou talking about Camangi WebStation ? It clearly lack CPU power and what’s worse, its resistive screen is very unresponsive, dark, and shows excessive pixelation. Existing Archos 5 Android Tablet and upcoming bigger Archos tablets are for sure better.!w%252BmGAqdR7kA

    @Zach, Android phones share grows significantly faster than iPhones, Google Buzz is already very useful app, and Google Wave is in its alpha but already showed itself as an interesting platform for writing applications.

  9. ThiNguyen 04/14/2010 at 9:23 PM -

    Hi Vladimir,
    Thanks for your thoughtful reply! Yes the WebStation is by Camangi. You are absolutely right, the screen is really cheap and watching videos is almost impossible. Honestly it was waste of money. I spent about $380 with shipping. If the device was $150 I would have no complaints.

    I agree, I think the Adam is going to be a very interesting and in my opinion a better tablet than the iPad.

    Thi N.

  10. marc 04/15/2010 at 9:31 AM -

    Hi. Just remember what we saw … a revolution that was none. 😉
    Years ago I owned a Compaq Tablet PC (TC1100). The display was removeable and it was quite similar to a current tablet. The computer could be used with a pen only, without keyboard.
    I know, interacting with my fingers sounds cooler, but it was 100% useless with a pen. I really dont think that those devices will change everything. It’s a hype … a nice gadget … like a cool remote. But is that the future. I don’t think so.
    Good night! :-)

  11. Brian 04/15/2010 at 12:41 PM -

    My comment is based more on comments then on the article in general. I notice in these type of comments, numerous people always mention about how they won’t (or will) buy this device based on its usability in comparison to a real PC. I think that is flawed logic. If you need a PC, you buy a PC. You don’t buy a tablet, you don’t buy a cellphone, etc. If you showed me your cellphone and I told you that I don’t like it because I couldn’t use office or photoshop on it, you’d think I was crazy for the comparison.

    Tablets, due to the inherit physical limitations will not replace your PC. However, they will be a great device for other things that aren’t a good experience on the PC. Reading a book, or even watching a video and surfing the net aren’t really that great on a PC. They’re okay, but after a while you just want to relax and not sit at your desk for hours. I think the interest in tablets is the form factor more than the OS.

    I too am waiting for a google version vs. the iPad. I like the iPad, but I’ve wanted a tablet for a long time for certain things, and the iPad doesn’t fit that bill yet. As much as i hate flash, I would also hate not being able to get the same web experience on my tablet than I can on my PC. At that rate, I might as well use the cellphone which already sucks for web browsing (thus the App market). I also wanted a forward facing camera since I’d like to use it for video skype calls. Finally, I might be old fashioned, but while I don’t want to be required to use a stylus on my tablet and wouldn’t for most things, I would actually like one available. I want to use this for note taking in meetings, and lots of times this is done with pen/paper because of the drawing aspect of notes. I’m not going to ‘draw’ with my finger (if its even possible to combine the text and drawing on the iPad).

    I’m glad to see the iPhone OS limitation on multitasking being solved for the most part. I have an iPod Touch and as much as I liked the OS, the limitation of my phone not being able to run simple messaging services in the background (IM) or location aware apps was the reason I went with android when it came time to replace my phone. While not a huge deterant on a phone, it’s definitely something to wait for before buying the iPad.

  12. s15274n 04/15/2010 at 12:42 PM -

    I am 110% all about Android. Anything that has android’s OS and its OPEN DEVELOPMENT is going to be a million times better due to the unlimited abilities it can have. Like the new commercial states:

    When there is no limit to what (an)Droid gets…. there is no limit to what (an)Droid does!

    I love that, and it is true. My G1 and Nexus one are some of the coolest phones. iPhones wish they could do 1/2 the stuff my phone does.

  13. Roger 04/17/2010 at 1:58 PM -

    When will people understand? There are tons of MP3 players much cheaper and more possibly more features than iPod, why do you think people buy iPod? For the UI !!! Same holds true for the iPhone and iPad.

  14. Don 07/05/2010 at 12:31 AM -

    I am trying to wait on a quality google tablet but it needs to come out soon. IPAD is taking too much market share and if google doesn’t have one by fall then I think I will go to the dark side (no big deal) but I get on the web every week just to see if there is an announcement release and even that would be helpful

  15. Eric 07/13/2010 at 1:25 PM -

    I read an interesting article on MicroSoft’s development of a Tablet using the new Windows 7 operating system. The article rambled a lot, but one of the key points the author made denouncing a Windows 7 device was the fact that it was not developed for a touch screen environment. I think Google could really blow away the iPad and other Tablets with it’s ingenuity and design capabilities with Android. I have a Droid by Motorola and it works great as a phone, but a few times I have gotten involved with a task that I’ve just needed a little more room and a little more flexibility with the hardware… the software could keep up, but the device was just limited. A tablet would have worked out great at that moment…

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