Blu-Ray 3D DVDs Coming Soon

Stacy 03/09/2010 0

In order to make the most out of the newest HD TVs that are being released to the market, the Blu-Ray group has recently announced at the end of last year that they will begin producing and distributing 3D capable DVDs to the market this year for consumers around the world. This major step forward for the home entertainment market means that consumers will soon be able to enjoy 3D cinematic experiences in the comfort of their own home in the near future, allowing for an even greater viewing pleasure than what has previous been thought possible.

Of course, in order to fully enjoy these 3D movies, there are a few complications and requirements that go along with them. Not only will consumers need to have one of the new ultra-high definition televisions in their living room (with a minimum of 1080p resolution) they will also need to have a 3D Blu-Ray compatible DVD player along with an accompanying 3D viewing kit (with glasses still a requirement as well). To top that off, not all current Blu-Ray players will be capable of handling the 3D discs as only high-end players (Sony’s PS3 included) will have the processing power capable of handling the demand the 3D DVDs will have on a system.

Thankfully, costs aren’t too big of a concern as the advancements of technology have led to many higher-end products being made available at relatively low cost. For an entire 3D enabled computer system (including a 3D capable disc drive, monitor and glasses kit) users could expect to pay as little as $1000, allowing home users to be able to view both DVDs and even some websites and games in 3D modes. This is great news for cost-conscious consumers, as with the poor economy these days spending is a major consideration.

Consumers interested in getting their hands on a 3D DVD should keep an eye on the markets for the latest releases coming out in the near future from the Blu-Ray group as 3D enabled titles should begin hitting the shelves in the next few months.

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