AT&T to Support Future iPhone Hotspot Feature

Mike Vang 03/05/2011 1

 ATT AT&T recently confirmed that it will support the personal Wi-Fi hotspot feature that will be implemented to the iPad and iPhone when iOS 4.3 will be released on March 11. The carrier also stated that the users can easily deactivate the service without additional costs.

This would be ideal in instances where there are no Wi-Fi networks available in the area. You can use your iPhone or iPad as your personal hotspot and share the network to your laptop or other devices. The iPad or iPhone will connect via AT&T’s 3G mobile network.

The new Wi-Fi hotspot feature will cost the user an additional $20 per month. This might turn off iPhone users from activating the feature and most of them don’t even have any other devices that need to connect to the internet aside from their smartphones.

An AT&T user who opted for an upgrade to support the Wi-Fi hotspot feature can easily go back to the non-Wi-Fi data plan without penalty or breach of contract. There’s a catch though. Customers who have unlimited data plans are required to drop their contact and subscribe to the DataPro data tethering plan to be able to use the hotspot feature. When the users want to drop the feature, they can’t go back to the unlimited data plan and instead be offered the 2GB or 200MB data plans.

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  1. Mister_T 03/05/2011 at 7:28 AM -

    Boy, when AT&T has you by the coinpurse they squeeze even harder, Unlimited Data plan users must give up that legacy plan to get tethering!?!?! puleeze! I’ll go to a WiFi hotspot or heaven forfend, JB my phone before I do that. This is getting ridiculous. 75-100 dollars a month isn’t enough for them, huh? There has to be a more customer friendly approach that satisfies both the customer and the carrier. They aren’t trying hard enough,

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