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Verizon’s new iPhone could cause trouble for Android

Reason dictates that the new Verizon iPhone which is scheduled to hit the shelves next month should do a lot of damage to AT&T. This makes perfect sense because since AT&T had an exclusive deal with Apple for years to sell the iPhone, now they no longer have that and AT&T is also dealing with unhappy customers likely to want to change carriers, even though there are heavy penalties if they do so.

You’d think a Verizon iPhone would sincerely attract former AT&T users, and that all the Verizon customers who have wanted an iPhone for years would now get one. However, could that Verizon iPhone mean trouble for Android, which is Google’s own well-liked mobile operating system? Of course it could.

It will be a great big deal for Verizon and they should sell loads of iPhones, but it won’t ruin AT&T says Avi Greengart, an analyst at Current Analysis. She says that instead, the Verizon iPhone will make things hard for Sprint, who could see its customers heading over to Verizon, and for Google.

Greenharts believes this is due to the abundance of Android based phones on the Verizon network. They believe Verizon users will be pushed to pick an Android phone – even if they have to choose a fancy one like the Droid – even if they can pick the Apple iPhone.  Could this be true? Maybe not, according to what Digital Trends’ Ryan Fleming thinks.

Even though the iPhone will soon be available on both Verizon and AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will both keep nurturing their Android phones, to make sure the Google’s OS keeps going even if Apple does exceedingly well at Verizon, according to Fleming, who also says that a lot of people think that iPhone’s arrival will turn the market in Apple’s favor, and it should surely make an impact.

But, Fleming adds, iPhone coming into the picture may lead towards the dilution of any one of its competitors instead of leading towards the superiority of one of them. Android grew due to the fact that iPhone was kept in check by AT&T, and due to that, the Google OS was able to expand rapidly. RIM was also able to solidify its user base, while Windows 7 made just a little, but still a pretty decent, amount of progress in the last few weeks. He added that he doesn’t think that Android is going anywhere.”