Android Softwares

Top 10 Best Android Apps

Although the App Store is the more popular that the Android Market, it does not mean that the latter does not have competitive applications that can face even the best and top selling applications for Apple Inc. devices. On the lookout for the best Android apps? Check this list and see what you can find useful for your needs.

Barcode Scanner from Zxing Team – this is a free application that would help you check the prices immediately using your Android-based mobile. At the same time, it also allows you to find the lowest prices online using Google Shopper, Web Search, and Product Search.

Opera Mini 5 beta from Opera Software – a free software that you can use when the 3G signal is slow. This can be a great alternative if your Android browser is agonizingly slow.

Evernote – this is a free software from Evernote Corporation that allow you to index all your image notes, voice messages, and texts so you could easily search it later.

Wikitude – download this for free so you can get information from various websites such as Twitter, Wikipedia,, Gowalla, and YellowMap.

Locale – from Two Forty Four A.M. was the Grand Prize Winner during the recent Android Developer Challenge. With Locale, you can control the settings of your phone that could also determine your location using GPS. This is worth $9.99.

WaveSecure – a $19.99/year application from TenCube which also comes with a free 7-day trial. It allows you to create backup files or even wipe away the data in case it is lost or stolen.

Listen – Google Labs lets you download this for free. A great podcast app for Android though this is still an application in progress.

Meebo for Android – another free application so you can use the ever reliable Meebo using your Android phone.

ProjectINF – ChickenBrick Studios made this application for free so you can have an online that you can play with your friends using Android as well.

TwonkyServer Mobile – a free software from PacketVideo so you can easily transfer your files by taking out the memory card of the mobile phone or using USB.
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