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Universities Pick Google Apps over Microsoft Office 365

Organizations are looking for the best way to migrate their systems to the cloud. They are comparing various cloud providers to find the one that would best suit their needs. One of these is the University of California-Berkeley. It went through a tedious process to select a cloud-based calendar and email provider. Its search ended between Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps.

The University of California-Berkeley laid out a detailed analysis of how the two cloud-based services perform in vital areas. According to the assessment, Microsoft got higher points in contract terms, security, and ease-of-use with regards to its calendar service.

But Berkeley chose Google Apps because it is simpler to roll out and most of its faculty and students were familiar with Gmail. Officials said that Office 365 is a relatively new service. The University of Nebraska, which is one of the early adopters of Office 365, didn’t switch its email system to the new platform.

Berkeley’s report also noted that Microsoft’s previous online services, such as Live@EDU and BPOS, didn’t have good track records for performance. Google optimized its services for web-based interaction. It was designed to be rolled out quicker than Office 365. Berkeley estimated that it would take six to ten weeks to migrate its systems to Google Apps.