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Microsoft to Pull Out of CES after 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show that will be held in January 2012 will be the last one that Microsoft will be attending. The company said that CES no longer fits in its needs and the timing doesn’t mesh with its product announcements.

Microsoft is the latest company that pulled out of CES. Apple and other Silicon Valley giants have decided that they preferred more exclusive product launches instead of competing with thousands of companies for the spotlight in the annual event.

It looks like events such as CES are no longer attractive for companies wanting to show off new devices and meet partners. Tech companies now want to host their own events for product launches and use social media to promote them.

Consumer Electronics Association has run the annual show since 1967. It downplayed Microsoft’s departure from the event, which has participated in the last 14 years. The trade organization said that at least 150,000 people from across the globe would attend the event and the trade floor space would be larger than last year’s.

The area which Microsoft usually occupies would be picked up by another firm in around 30 seconds. Microsoft said that it would still send employees to the event as attendees.