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LG KE850 Prada: The Simple Luxury

LG KE850 is one of the early touch-based smartphones that came out in the market. The Prada branded handset is stylish and versatile. Consumers were impressed with its rich multimedia features. It has been known as the Prada phone by LG or simply LG Prada Phone.

It is a sophisticated smartphone and during the time of its launch, it has no direct competitors. It was the only fashion phone on the market that featured a touch-based user interface. Just from its packaging, you could already tell that the LG KE850 is a high quality phone. It came in a black cube with the contents placed on different levels inside the box.

The LG KE850 kit came with a headset that has a standard 3.5mm audio jack adapter, 256 MB microSD card, data cable, and a hard leather case. It measured 98.8 mm by 54 mm by 12 mm and weighed just 85 grams. It featured a matt black finish with silver framing made of metal.

It has fascinated the consumers but its high price made it affordable to a selected few. It didn’t have 3G connectivity, which was not a requirement during the time of its launch on the market. Consumers with high fashion sense enjoyed using their Prada Phone by LG.