Sony unveils 3DTV Release Dates and Pricing for Japan

Alfred C. 03/09/2010 2

With Panasonic and Samsung both having scheduled events for the next couple of days, Sony has triggered an anticipated deluge of 3DTV information.

The pricing and shipping details of Sony’s latest televisions in Japan and its related accessories have been revealed.

These new television sets share the sweet and ominous monolithic style of the NX800 series that is already available with the edge-lit LED LX900 completing the full 3D package.

The NX800 series was also announced in Japan today, accompanied by fellow 2D-only HX700 LCD and DVR-packing BX30H televisions.

The IR emitter is built in and there are two pairs of RealD active shutter glasses. So all that is required is a source to a the 60-, 51-, 46- and 40-inch models, having prices ranging from $6,444 to $3,222

No problem if the TDG-BR100 / TDG-BR50 3D glasses are not present on your face. This WiFi connected gulf of entertainment just looks back at you and makes use of face tracking system to identify if you are seated too close and warn you to move back.

 And wait, there’s more! If you exit from the room or ignored the television by averting your face from it for an extended period of time, the screen would be automatically dimmed and eventually turned off.

Do you desire to experience the full 3D effect with the LED backlit HX900 and edge-lit HX800? You can purchase the TMR-BR100 IR emitter and glasses individually or just endure a 2D lifestyle with the 3D at the back of your mind to assure you that you can upgrade as and when you like.


  1. John S. 03/09/2010 at 11:04 AM -

    I still do not really see how this is going to “take off”. Having to wear glasses just to watch TV, just doesn’t seem like a very comfortable way to enjoy my favorite shows or movies. But, people never through the internet was going to be able to fly along fiber optic lines at hyper speeds to homes either…

  2. Alessandro 03/09/2010 at 1:57 PM -

    WOWWWW… I want one of them!!! Increible!!

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