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Sales for Microsoft Kinect hit 10 million

As of Wednesday,  Microsoft Corp reported that they had sold more than 10 million units of the Kinect motionsensing game system worldwide in only four months, which makes it the quickest selling user’s gadget in the history of their sales.

This infrared camera addition that goes with the Xbox game console runs customers $150 or less. It is responsible for bringing up Microsoft’s profits during the last quarter and is beating a competing item sold by Sony Corp.

The world’s biggest software company, which started off selling the Xbox ten years ago, says that the Kinect’s popularity helped lead the sale of more than 10 million stand-alone Kinect games.

In January, Microsoft said customers had bought more than 8 million Kinect units in the first two months since it debuted, counting during the important holiday shopping season. This makes it the quickest selling consumer electronics gadget so far, reported the Guinness World Records.

Kinect looks also to be beating out its rival Sony’s competing Move gadget, which similar to the Kinect, can track body movements to use with video games.

Sony said by the end of November consumers had purchased 4.1 million units of Move in the first 60 days. Those numbers didn’t count the December holiday shopping figures.