Motorola Introduces A Fast Mobile Smartphone Called The ES400

At times Motorola puts out a durable smartphone that also rocks. The Motorola ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant is one such item. This has a new operating system put out by Microsoft. Take a look at the features of the Motorola ES400 here in this informative article.

What do you call a smartphone with a fast processor, customizable screen and an operating system from Microsoft ? Some call it a mobile computer. Microsoft calls it the ES400. This business smartphone has a 600 megahertz processor that will be able to do just about anything a desktop computer from about six years ago could do. The outer appearance is similar to a Blackberry model. The screen over the manual keyboard is a common sight these days.

The Motorola ES400 has a three inch display and a QWERTY keyboard. The resolution on the screen is  640 by 480 pixels. That beats many smartphones that come with the unimpressive 320 by 240 pixels. The display is not only used with keyboard navigation, but the ES400 also has an accelerometer to change the screen to the landscape mode for additional work. The touch screen technology is under the resistive category. This means a bit more effort will be needed to select menus by touching the screen. Here is hoping a capacitive touch model will come out soon.

The Motorola ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant is designed for the field. It is manufactured with tight tolerances. Roughhousing, abuse and mistreatment were designed into the specifications. The ES400 comes with a MIL standard for shock, heat, humidity, fog and drops. The drops are calculated from .91 meter. That is around three feet or waist high for most workers. If you look at the ES400 from the side, you will see it looks pretty beefy. This is not an accident and helps to maintain the three year life cycle expected from it.

The Motorola ES400 is running Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.3. This is a time-tested operating system that does much of what Android or Apple does, but without the social aspect. This is a work smartphone, and those things are less important. The unit was given one gigabyte of ROM memory. A MicroSD card slot is featured if that ends up not being enough space. The MicroSD card can be as large as 32 gigabytes. That is enough room for just about anything. The ES400 comes with an ultramodern bit of security for business; a fingerprint scanner. No word yet on how well this works, but it is a new and desirable feature for those working mobile who may lose their ES400. One other feature included is a bar code scanner. This is a wonderful trait for those who happen to be salespeople.

The Motorola ES400 can handle Wi-Fi but not WiMaX. It can use Wi-Fi up to the “G” mode. The faster “N” mode is not yet on this mobile computer. The camera is 3.15 megapixels. As mentioned, the camera can scan bar codes. It also has autofocus and an LED flash. The battery is a huge 1540 mAh of juice. There is an extended life battery if that is not big enough for you. Look for this later on this year at the Sprint store. There is no word on pricing.