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HTC EVO 4G Now Comes in Beautiful White

The HTC EVO 4G is starting to be a real looker. It is already one of the best performing smartphones up for grabs. If you remember the wait times at the stores when it first came out in black, you may find it happening again. This time HTC created a white EVO. It looks good. Check out the white model here in this quick article.

Best Buy is chosen as the lucky dealer for this new HTC EVO. As of June 18, they were taking pre-orders for the potent and appealing EVO. The black model so popular last month is covered in matte but this white model is totally lustrous, sleek and smooth.

If you have been living under rock somewhere, the EVO is the first WiMaX smartphone created for the United States. It is also the first 4G phone to use the Android operating system. It beats out Wi-Fi by three to five times in speed. But that is just half the story. WiMaX also covers much more area. Some say that a WiMaX user can be ten times farther away from the antenna than a Wi-Fi user and still have a signal. All this is good news when you know you have a smartphone that can take advantage of this newfound potential.

How many smartphones do you know that come with a kickstand ? The HTC EVO 4G, both white and black, come a kickstand for viewing videos. This prevents the user from having to hold the smartphone or prop it up on a book ( or whatever ). The EVO comes with an HDMI connector for connecting directly to a monitor or television. It outputs high definition video and takes it with its awesome eight megapixel camera. It has another camera on the front. The front-facing camera is created for video conferencing.

The HTC EVO is 4.8 inches tall but only half an inch thick. This svelte styling is popular for those who like to be able to put their smartphones in their pocket. HTC got smart and gave the EVO a large battery. It weighs in at 1500 mAh. Talk time is estimated at around seven hours on 3G but less on 4G. Some have have gotten half the regular talk time while using 4G mode ( WiMaX ).

The blistering-hot popular Android operating system is installed in the white HTC EVO. It now has over 91,000 apps ( applications ) available for its users. It even has a new program that a non-programmer type can use to make their own apps. One of the more popular things that Android can do is identify things using the on-board camera. Take a photo of a book with the free “Google Goggles” app. It will probably not only be able to identify it but give you prices from the web and local stores. How is that for convenience ? The Android system is social-friendly and many apps are available to increase that ability further.

This has already gone on sale at Best Buy but you can also get the HTC EVO online. Look for it on Sprint networks.