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Next-Gen ‘unclonable’ RFID chips Launched by Verayo

Security companies must steer away from alluring hackers to disentangle their promises.

Though there have been few technologies entirely unbreakable, Verayo appears to be supremely convinced of its Next-Gen RFID chips.

Nicknamed as “unclonable”, this novel product lineage, led by the Vera M4H, vows to create mass transit tickets, secure ID’s, render access cards to be additionally secure and anti-counterfeiting of consumer products whose adoption has been impeded by cost.

The Vera M4H offers an unlimited number of offline authentication events.

The Vera X512H, the first unclonable RFID IC from Verayo, provided authentication at reduced cost and needed a network to access a back end for the purpose of authentication with an allotted number of authentication events.

The Vera M4H peddles a “non-networked and unlimited authentication” aspect, unlike the original, and widens the reach of Verayo’s PUF-based RFIDs to much broader markets, all the while conserving the predominant cost benefits of the technology.

The security and authentication solution provider has based this new generation IC’s on the innovative Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF) technology.

According to Drew Nathanson, Director of Research Operations at VDC Research, improved security and authentication for RFID solutions would mitigate end user ambiguity and ease adoption in varied applications.

Verayo collaborates with many RFID vendors on the likes of UPM Raflatac, SMARTRAC, Sirit and many others to build RFID tags for several applications.

The RFID IC functions with standard HF RFID readers.

While the M4H from Verayo is readily available for mass production, the family’s remaining RFID ICs would be made available in the later part of 2010.