Cisco OS Certification Exams for Network Engineers

Steve McBrian 12/11/2012 0
Cisco OS Certification Exams for Network Engineers

Formally documenting your skills with Cisco operating system technologies is a big deal in the IT field. The more formal you’re able to make your credentials, the better. Even if you have ample experience in the field working with Cisco OS options, earning a credential through Cisco certification exams is still a good idea. Not only does it show your current employer you possess the essential skills and abilities to handle any Cisco OS project that’s required of you, but it also potentially opens up new career opportunities for you as well. The Cisco OS skill set is highly valued in the job market and possessing a formal credential to validate your abilities in this discipline can earn you raises, promotions and even new positions of employment.

If you’re a network engineer looking for formalize your credentials with Cisco OS, then you’ll want to consider the IOS XR Specialist certification. This credential shows you have the knowledge and skill to implement, verify, and maintain various technologies in a Cisco IOS XR environment.

The Cisco certification exam required for earning your IOS XR Specialist credential is the 644-906 exam. There are no prerequisites for taking this exam, though it is recommended that candidates either be at the professional or advanced levels of experience in network engineering before undertaking the test. Success on this exam also requires extensive study and preparation, preferably using a good exam prep package that offers tutorials, practice exams and other resources, like those offered by

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