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Sales for Microsoft Kinect hit 10 million

As of Wednesday,  Microsoft Corp reported that they had sold more than 10 million units of the Kinect motionsensing game system worldwide in only four months, which makes it the quickest selling user’s gadget in the history of their sales. This infrared camera addition that goes with the Xbox game console runs customers $150 or […]

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US Videogame Industry Retail Sales Drops 21% in December

The videogame industry in the United States fell by 21 percent in December. Analysts say that this is due to aging console lineup as well as the unanticipated slowdown in software sales. It is a sign of a weak consumer spending during the holiday season. Another reason given by observers is the increasing influence of […]

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Xbox 720 will not have Pre-Owned Blocking Feature

There are rumors that Microsoft’s next generation home console would block gamers from playing pre-owned games. According to the rumors, Microsoft would implement technology into the console so that it makes a one-to-one relationship between the console and a game disc. But one man doesn’t believe that the software giant will place such technology in […]