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Android Based Tablet – The Adam

Apple recently launched its own version of the tablet computer, similar in functionality to the other apple products – the iPhone and the iPod touch. Now, Notion Ink has announced the launch of its android based tablet – the Adam. It is expected to provide stiff competition to the iPad and has decent features that […]

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Android Based Smartphone – HTC Trophy

As technology seems to boom with increasing alacrity, the trend now a days seems to be to find a way to attain equanimity between electronic devices. Convergence of media devices seems to be a design goal – most electronic gadget manufacturers seem to focus increasingly on fusing in aspects of various electronic media together into […]

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First Look – Google Earth App for Android

The Android has had apps becoming available out the kazoo!  It isn’t expected to stop anytime soon either – in fact, Google has finally made Good Earth available to the Android, but only the 2.1 version (once previous versions of the Android phone receive the 2.1 upgrade, the app will then become available within the […]

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The Android – What Makes It Special?

In the recent past, there has been a buzz around the ANDROID – the mobile standard delivered by the harbinger – the pioneers who made search engine technology truly revolutionary – Google. So what exactly is the ANDROID? And why is it so very popular? This article is meant to provide a quick overview about […]

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Motorola Devour – A Smartphone Based on The ANDROID Framework

The latest user of the open source ANDROID after HTC – Motorola looks to unveil its latest smartphone “devour” later this quarter – speculated to be announced sometime late February – March this year. It makes use of the ANDROID operating system. Motorola has added its latest feature – the MOTOBLUR in this smart phone. […]