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Sony Ready To Release 3D Update For PlayStation 3

According to Rosemary Hatterley, at PC World, Sony seems set on releasing their 3D update to all PlayStation 3 console owners within the coming weeks, to prepare for their new line-up of Full HD 3D TV’s, which are due to be released sometime this Spring/Summer, also coinciding with the launch of 3D programming in Q4 […]

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‘Killzone 3′ Has 160GB PS3 Bundle Option During Its Debut

The PlayStation 3 fanfolk Killzone 3 hits the store shelves Feb. 22. Besides the regular version, a PlayStation blog announced that there will also be an option to buy a Limited Edition PS3 160GB Killzone 3 Bundle. Whether or not it is truly a limited edition is hard to tell, as the console doesn’t seem […]

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US Videogame Industry Retail Sales Drops 21% in December

The videogame industry in the United States fell by 21 percent in December. Analysts say that this is due to aging console lineup as well as the unanticipated slowdown in software sales. It is a sign of a weak consumer spending during the holiday season. Another reason given by observers is the increasing influence of […]

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PlayStation Vita has Too Many Buttons

Most gadget makers try to make their user interfaces simpler but this is not the case with the new PlayStation Vita. Take for instance Apple’s iPad and iPhone, which have a single physical button with onscreen touch controls. Touchpads on laptops have been replaced with clickpads that incorporate the mouse buttons on a single pad. […]