Apple iPod Touch

Pros: Smooth Touch Pad, Sufficient Built- in Storage, Wifi Connectivity. Cons: Sensitive Screen (Breakable) Bored? Anyone who wants to listen to music, surf over internet through wireless connectivity, play games like play station portable, can get this Apple’s major product ASAP! Apple iPod is a look-alike of an iPhone and yes this is true, at […]

Apple Ipods

Apple iPod 5th Generation

Pros : Sound Quality, Crystal Clear Screen, Other Applications. Cons : Sensitive Screen, Speedy Scroll, No cover protection with the purchase. Apple ipod 5th generation is one of the greatest inventions of the modern world, for all the music lovers out there, who can’t live without listening to big time jamming boombox tracks these days. […]

Apple Ipods Tech News

A 32 GB Apple Touch iPod In The Markets Now

It would not be an exaggeration to mention that Apple finely has updated the MP3s. Apple is now the most challenging company in the world of gadgets. More than 220million Apple iPod sold that commenced in the year 2001. The iPod with touch display commenced in 2008 with WIFI potential for the first time. Now […]


Ipod Nano 5th Generation Review

The evolution of Apple’s iPod brand has been quite impressive and has now become the market standard even. Thus, the introduction of an all-new iPod Nano 5th Generation had everyone’s attention. If you’re on the process of buying a loved on (or yourself) a gift, here’s one you should seriously consider on your shopping list. Overview […]

Apple Ipods Tech News

Apple Orders Recall of Original iPod Nano

Apple announced that it has a recall program with regards to its original iPod Nano in the United States. It said that the device has a rare overheating problem that could be dangerous. It offers full replacements for the first gen iPod Nano. Apple advises users to discontinue the use their devices and follow the […]