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New iPhone, Same Problems

Soon, the 4th gen iPhone will be out on the market. Soon Apple will get another batch of iPhone fanatics that would go crazy about the smartphone. And soon the raves about the iPhone will be bombarded with hate mails by those who simply don’t like iPhone at all. Of course, if you are an […]

Apple iPhone Tech News

Walmart to Sell iPhone 4 on June 24

une 24 is just a few days away. And if you are one of Steve Job’s groupies and diehard fans, you would surely spare some time to fall in line just to get your hands on the latest iPhone 4. Of course by now you already have enough money to pay for the contract and […]

Apple iPhone Tech News

With the Great Demand for iPhone 4, Apple Expects 100 million subscribers before 2011 Ends

On a note that Katy Huberty, an analyst with Morgan Stanley, sent to the investors recently she said that a recent survey from Alphawise suggests that almost all of the current users of the iPhone would like to upgrade to the iPhone 4. And with huge demand for the iPhone 4 during the first day […]

Apple iPhone Tech News

iPhone 4, Sold 1.7 Million Units In Just 3 Days

Apple Inc. recently said that after three days since they launched the fourth gen iPhone, they aready sold as much as 1.7 million units. So far, this is considered to be the most successful gadget launch in the history of the company. As of now, most of the retails stores still do not have the […]

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Verizon owns about 10 percent of iPhone customers in the U.S.

Even though AT&T may not have thought it possible, Verizon is capturing a big chunk of their share of the iPhone market from the previously exclusive iPhone carrier, and they may want to be a bit worried about what Verizon is going to do to their future sales. After about five weeks of being released, […]