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Full-body Motion Control Demoed by PrimeSense at GDC

Unless you happen to be an obsessed silicon junkie, chances are that you probably never even heard of PrimeSense which was formed in 2005. Well, that’s got to change from now. The company produces a microchip when coupled with off-the shelf optics, has the ability to create a 3D grid that is understandable by a […]

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The Bold & Beautiful: Samsung 3D TVs

Samsung has rolled out a raft of bright and gorgeous 3D-capable plasma, LED and LCD televisions. The first-ever range of 3D LED televisions and other additions to LCD, LED and plasma line-ups, a majority of which provides built-in 3D technology were revealed by Samsung at a New York press conference. Every one of the 3D […]

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Linking the TiVo to HP MediaSmart Server: Transfer of Video Back & Forth and Additional Storage for your Ti-Vo

There is nothing known as too much storage and you definitely would be aware of this if you happen to be a TiVo fanatic. HP has revealed a partnership with TiVo and a novel application that lets one connect an HP MediaSmart server situated anywhere in your home network to the TiVo device and  exchange […]

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Sony Ready To Release 3D Update For PlayStation 3

According to Rosemary Hatterley, at PC World, Sony seems set on releasing their 3D update to all PlayStation 3 console owners within the coming weeks, to prepare for their new line-up of Full HD 3D TV’s, which are due to be released sometime this Spring/Summer, also coinciding with the launch of 3D programming in Q4 […]