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Sony and Toshiba Plans to Sell their LCD Plants

Toshiba Corp and Sony Corp have announced their plans to sell the factories that are producing the small LCD panel displays to their rivals. This is done as part of the continuing realignment of their liquid-crystal-display industry. Due to the unrelenting price erosion and the intense competition the struggling electronics sector in Japan re-evaluated its […]

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The All New Toshiba 750GB and 1.5TB Hard disks

Toshiba’s latest hard-drive has more storage and 2 new sizes are introduced: MK7559GSXP and  MKxx59GSM. The first is 9.5mm high and the second is 12.5mm high. MK7559GSXP will only fits in most laptops where as the other one needs a deep bay. “Silent seek” technology is used in these hard-drives which makes the seek operation […]