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Oracle and Google Lawyers Give Closing Arguments

Lawyers for Google and Oracle gave their closing arguments last Monday in the jury trial over the use of Java software code. The results of the trial could have a ripple effect across the high tech industry. Oracle claimed that Google copied the Java code without a license when it made the Android operating system. […]

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US FTC Begins Antitrust inquiry on Google

It looks like Google would be facing more troubles in the legal front. The European Commission has an ongoing probe into whether the online search giant abused local competition laws and it is expected to come out with formal charges or reach a settlement. The Federal Trade Commission started a probe on Google last year […]

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Google Maps Provides 3D Photo Tours

Google Street View allowed users to see buildings and landmarks on Google Maps. Now the online search giant is taking it a notch up with 3D Photo Tours. This was made by overlapping clusters of photos around major landmarks. Then they create a 3D shape of the landmark and compute the location of each photo. […]

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Google Chrome OS Gets a Makeover

Google gave its Chrome OS a makeover by revamping its look to make it feel more like traditional desktop operating systems such as Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Last Monday, it released a new test version of the OS that included the new user interface called Aura. It allows users to open multiple […]

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Google and Apple to Dominate Mobile Wallets Market

Apple and Google would claim the top spots in the mobile wallet market, taking away business from carriers that offer similar services such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Vodafone. Mobile wallets allow the consumers to pay for goods with their smartphones. Most of the mobile wallets use near-field communications technology but they are still in […]