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E-books Promote Reading among Americans

E-books have become a popular medium these past years and it has spurred the reading habits of American adults. This is according to the recent survey conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. The survey showed that around one-fifth of adults in the United States have read an e-book in the past year. […]

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Tablet and E-Book Reader Ownership Doubles during 2011 Holiday

Tablet computers and e-book readers have doubled their ownership in the United States between mid-December and early January. This is according to the latest research data published by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. This could be a sign that most adults in the United States received tablets and e-book readers during the holiday […]

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Amazon Kindle Surpasses 2009 Holiday Sales

Amazon Kindle sales seem to be jolting pass itself when it comes to 2009 holiday Amazon Kindle sales. It’s still October and we’ve already sold more Kindle devices since launch than we did during the entire fourth quarter of last year, astonishing because the fourth quarter is the busiest time of year on Amazon,” said […]

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ASUS DR-900 e-reader

After Amazon’s kindle, Apple announced the launch of the iPad. Though it was a tablet computer, the iPad did have the capability to store e-books and to enable the reader to view them at will. Even though it was not a full fledged device like the kindle, the iPad did have its own e-book facility. […]

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Asus DR-900 eReader…Move aside Kindle

Asus, just like the rest of the electronic manufacturers wants a piece of the pie. The time has come and Asus has finally made it official and just announced about their latest creation, The DR-900 e-reader. The product was unveiled at the CeBIT 2010 event in Hanover, Germany. The DR-900 has a 9 inch display […]