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IE9 Gains Ground on Windows 7 Computers

According to new stat reports, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 continues to gain shares on Windows 7, which is the only operating system that the browser works on. The year 2011 has not been good to IE web browser. The Internet Explorer lost almost ten percent of its market share to cap the year with 52.64 […]

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Fujitsu Unveils New proGREEN Line of Computers; E780 Notebook to Have 18Hr. Battery

Well it’s St. Patrick’s Day and what a way to celebrate this “green” festive holiday than by showing some “green” love for the Earth and Technology. Fujitsu has just unveiled a new line-up of Earth-friendly notebooks, known as the proGREEN line; which will consist of 2 different models each of desktops, notebooks, and workstations (for […]

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Onkyo DE411 Desktop Computer Released

Onkoyo has just released their new all-in-one desktop PC called the Onkoyo DE411. The PC will cost around $950 and has been released in Japan. The DE411 is powered by a 2GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive space, Digital TV Tuner, DVD Burner, WiFi and most importantly to note, it runs on Windows 7 […]


HP Pavilion Elite Desktop Computer

The new Pavilion Elite desktop computers that are coming out seem to be a mass of multimedia excellence. These powerhouse computers are sporting a new and improved 1TB hard drive. Yes, that is a 1 terabyte drive and that is way more than enough to handle anything you might throw at it. To top that […]

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Sony Vaio L117FX

The new Vaio has an interesting design that combines the features of the Sony’s JS and LV series. From the LV it has borrowed the size, wall-mounting capability, and HDMI input. At the same time, it has softer chassis design with the rounded frame-style from support that is common for the JS series. A wonderful […]