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Project Management Software

Should I learn to use project management software? As we have seen, a personal information manager (PIM) can help you schedule your appointments and do some planning. That is, it can help you manage your own life Better. But what if you need to manage the lives of others in order to accomplish a full-blown […]

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Databases & the Digital Economy: E-Business & E-Commerce

What are e-business and, e-commerce, and what are three types of e-commerce systems? At one time there was a difference between the Old Economy and the New Economy. The first consisted of traditional companies—car makers, pharmaceuticals, retailers, publishers. The second consisted of computer, telecom unications and internet companies (AOL, Amazon, eBay, and a raft of “dot-corn” firms). Now, […]

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JavaScript: For Dynamic Web Pages

How can JavaScript be helpful? JavaScript is a popular object-oriented scripting language that is widely supported in web browsers. It adds interactive functions to HTML pages, which are otherwise static, since HTML is a display language, nor a programming language. JavaScript is easier to use than Java but not as powerful and deals mainly with […]

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Another reason for so much wasted time is all the fussing that employees do with hardware, software, and online connections. One study in the early 1990s estimated that microcomputer users wasted 5 billion hours a year waiting for programs to run, checking computer output for accuracy, helping coworkers use their applications, organizing cluttered disk storage, […]

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Glossary Of Computer Terms

Have you ever thought how cool it would be if there was a glossary of computer terms? Well here is a list of some computer terms that we need in everyday life. First let’s come to the concept of browser. Everyday, we hear that the computer is experiencing problems with browser or that Gmail is […]