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Apple iPod 5th Generation

Pros : Sound Quality, Crystal Clear Screen, Other Applications. Cons : Sensitive Screen, Speedy Scroll, No cover protection with the purchase. Apple ipod 5th generation is one of the greatest inventions of the modern world, for all the music lovers out there, who can’t live without listening to big time jamming boombox tracks these days. […]

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A 32 GB Apple Touch iPod In The Markets Now

It would not be an exaggeration to mention that Apple finely has updated the MP3s. Apple is now the most challenging company in the world of gadgets. More than 220million Apple iPod sold that commenced in the year 2001. The iPod with touch display commenced in 2008 with WIFI potential for the first time. Now […]

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Some of the Best Free iPhone Apps!

If you own an iPhone, you are probably aware of the numerous iPhone applications out there. Some of the iPhone applications are free of charge but most apps are sold. Most of the free of charge applications are usually not worthy and you may never probably get to use them. Despite that, there are some […]


Apple iBooks App Review

The new iPad is an ebook reader device that is developed by Apple. The iBook app displays the titles of the books in a bookshelf library. Users simply have to tap on a book to read it. You can tap on the right or left edge of the book to lift the page up manually. […]

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New iPhone, Same Problems

Soon, the 4th gen iPhone will be out on the market. Soon Apple will get another batch of iPhone fanatics that would go crazy about the smartphone. And soon the raves about the iPhone will be bombarded with hate mails by those who simply don’t like iPhone at all. Of course, if you are an […]