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Sony Reveals a Down Sized Design of an Alpha DSLR Camera

Although there isn’t much hype about it just yet, Sony is releasing a new ultra compact Alpha DSLR camera in the near future of 2010 as they confirmed at the PMA this year.  One of the few things that we know at this point about this new Sony camera is that it will possess an Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, which has just previously been developed.  This sensor particularly will provide full AVCHD video capabilities.
This new edition to the Sony camera family will have interchangeable lenses.  What is so special about this new camera is that it is a scaled down version, but Sony hopes that it will work just as well as the larger ones in terms of the quality of photos.
So, kicking and screaming, I demand for more information about this camera – what seems will be a remarkable new generation added to the Sony camera family.  As soon as I know something, you’ll know something!