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Jessica Richardson
I know I’m a girl but have love for things in the geeky realm and love my tech toys! I started writing for Top Tech Reviews in Jan 2010 and will have more free time in few months so will contribute more.

Mike Vang
Mike Vang is a professional copywriter and blogger and has been blogging and providing reviews since October 2009 for TopTechReviews.

Steve McBrian
I’m naturally a nerd and love everything about gadgets and technology. I felt in love with gadgets back in the late 80s and my passion and knowledge has increased ever since.

John S.
I am a technology nut and have been blogging consistently for more than 7 years.  I am working on my writing skills and, having a love for electronics, would like to bring the latest news about gadgets, Google and more to!

Thi Nguyen
I am an avid gamer and a tech savvy person with a passion and knowledge of electronics ranging from computers to home theatres and gadgets to phones.

Art Young
Love everything about gadgets and computers! I have been writing all my life and wanted to start contributing to Top Tech Reviews and earn a little income.

Erik Kneeland
I run my own blog but decided to join the gang here to contribute a little. I have been a tech nut for about a decade now ad I am 31 years old.

Tyrone Wedel
I live in Florida and I’m 24 years old. I own and play xbox 360 and also love playing my ps3. I will be reporting on the latest and coolest gaming news and game reviews.