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New iPhone, Same Problems

Soon, the 4th gen iPhone will be out on the market. Soon Apple will get another batch of iPhone fanatics that would go crazy about the smartphone. And soon the raves about the iPhone will be bombarded with hate mails by those who simply don’t like iPhone at all.

Of course, if you are an iPhone-AT&T customer who subscribed last year you will be ranting soon as well since you wouldn’t get the latest AT&T price which is $200. So for the benefit of those who would like to upgrade their iPhones, below are some of the FAQs that you may want to ask AT&T soon.

Q: Can an existing 3GS iPhone owner avail the 4G iPhone for $200 just like the new customers?

A:  Actually, the $200 is not the full price but rather a down payment. The rest of the amount will be paid while you’re stuck with AT&T or any other mobile phone provider on a 2-year contract.

Q: I hope it wouldn’t take me forever to pay for the subsidized phone!
A: No. It would take 12 to 24 months before you can fully pay for the iPhone. This varies because you have different options when it comes to the amount that you have to pay monthly.

Q: I’m an existing iPhone customer, how much should I pay to get the iPhone 4?

A:  For those who are eligible for the upgrade you have to pay $200 like the price for the new customers. But if you’re not eligible yet for the upgrade but want to switch to the iPhone 4 immediately, then they have to pay double.

If you have other questions about the iPhone 4, AT&T and the upgrade, you can call their customer-service hotline to ask. But it would be better if you would log in to the Just use your account to get the information that you need.