3D iPhone a Step Closer with Patent Filed by Apple

Tyrone Wedel 04/01/2011 1

A 3D version of the iPhone may be closer than you think, as Apple has filed a patent suggesting that it may be planning making 3D image and video recording technology that could be used for a new iPhone. This also seems to show that they intend to come up with ways to compete against the Android phones on this new kind of technology.

Apple filed the patent application, which was called “Systems and Methods for an Imaging System Using Multiple Image Sensors” this week at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent spells out the possibility of an iPhone that would use  two cameras to create 3D videos and pictures.

The system in it would be hardware, not software based. This could make it possible to have better photo quality, so says the patent. The application says that Apple would use ‘deterministic calculation for stereo disparity compensation,” according to the filed patent.

If there was a 3D iPhone, it would probably help Apple to compete with Google’s Android handsets. The Google phones have begun to speed up their ability of its capability to handle image processing and capabilities with improved cameras and wider screens. Even though 3D media is not yet common, a lot more 3D TV and movie shows are coming out. This may show that soon enough, 3D will be hitting mainstream capabilities.

There are some 3D phones already on the market like the HTC EVO 3D for Sprint and the LG Thrill 4G for AT&T. Both of these have two 5.0-megapixel cameras to record HD and 3D videos and pictures. These units can also present the 3D images on their view screen without the need for 3D glasses.

Nintendo also put out a 3DS product of their own, which is a portable handheld game console that also doesn’t need any 3D glasses to view the effect.

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  1. Carol 04/01/2011 at 8:51 PM -

    You don’t first file a patent TODAY… for the phone you are releasing later this year.

    3D is for 2012 or 2013. (Personally, I will never need such a foolish gimmick.)

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