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Debut of Apple iPad 2 attracts customers

Customers didn’t care about the chilly weather, as they waited their turn to buy one of the new Apple iPad2 on Friday. One group waited in the rain outside the company’s lead store in the New York City location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, while more customers were seen at a store on the Upper West side. Every one of them was in line for the start of Apple iPad 2 sales due to start at 5 p.m. EST.

Lucky San Francisco buyers had better weather, but were still waiting in long lines that went around the block. Some buyers came prepared with chairs and snacks.

All that shows how excited potential customers were about the new iPad2, while just a few weeks earlier, there were almost no lines for the release of the Verizon iPhone. The new iPad 2 doesn’t have many new things, but it does have a better performance rate, which they may need once the challengers from Android show up over the next few weeks.

The main differences are the size and weight, as it is 8.8 millimeters in width, making it even thinner than the iPhone, and it only weighs 1.3-pounds, making it 15 percent lighter, down from 1.5-pounds, making it much simpler to hang on to. It features 10-hours of battery life and more than 30 days of standby power, which makes it very user-friendly.

Here’s what makes all of this valuable to know. The Android wannabes main focus is on its performance capabilities. The Motorola’s Xoom has 4G Speeds, and the PlayBook boasts some hardware that has major improvements, and it can run the Android applications. So, that’s why Apple is sticking to what it knows the best – how to make a great design.

Apple plans to sell the new iPad at not only AT&T, but also at Verizon, Best Buy, Walmart and Sam’s Club.  It’s selling it at far more locations than usual, so any potential buyers have a chance to get one. Plus, while other companies raised prices, the iPad 2’s price didn’t change. It runs between $500 to $830, depending what the memory size is and whether or not you get Wi-Fi or 3G. And they even lowered the first iPad’s price by $100.

Apple is predicted to sell more than half a million iPad2s on the first day, which would be more than it did of the first iPad. It’s been predicted they could sell a million units faster than it took the first iPad, which reached that goal in 28 days.

The iPad 2 is not only a more refined version of the iPad, it also adds front and rear facing cameras, a more stylish design, and it comes in both white and black models.