Choosing a Car Charger for Your iPhone

Jessica Richardson 04/01/2010 0

In this technological age where computerized gadgets and devices are now necessities of life, we have to keep ourselves updated on the latest upgrades and accessories being released in order to enhance and maximize the convenience of using these tools. The Apple iPhone is no exception to this rule, with tons of new iPhone accessories being developed and released onto the market every day.

The number of iPhone accessories available today can be intimidating for iPhone users, since there are so many different items to choose from. Some are very similar but have slightly different capabilities; others would only be useful for certain iPhones. Most accessories are designed to accommodate certain activities that we involve ourselves in frequently. When shopping for iPhone accessories, take time to consider the things you do and places you go everyday. For example, if you’re constantly in the car, driving around for one reason or another, a car charger is the ideal accessory for you. With a car charger, you don’t ever have to worry about your iPhone battery dying while you’re on the road.

Now you have to decide which car charger is best for you. Along with the features and uses of each type of car charger or other accessory, it is important to review the device’s specifications before making a purchase to ensure it is compatible with your iPhone as well as your vehicle. Below are a few various car chargers currently on the market that you might want to consider.

First and foremost would be the USB car charger with cigarette lighter adapter from Apple iPhone. This car charger is designed exclusively for use with the iPhone and works by plugging it into the socket where your vehicle cigarette lighter normally goes. The charger is designed to continue charging the battery even when the phone is in use and will not overcharge.

An alternative to the above would be the Premium Rapid Vehicle Charger, which is not made by Apple but is compatible with iPhones. Premium Rapid car chargers are known for being extremely durable as well as are compatible with almost all cell phones and vehicle cigarette lighter sockets.

Kensington iPhone Car Charger Deluxe is another alternative with one great feature added on: hands-free communication. When plugged in, this car charger not only charges the battery, it allows the driver to talk without typing up a hand, making it easier to focus on driving safely. The only downside to this charger is it may not be compatible with every type of iPhone.

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